We got mail today! Jake’s mom Cheri wrote with an update on him. Of course his name is Dozer now but he’ll always be Jake to me! Here’s what she had to say: 

“Hi Matt,
Thanks for checking in.  We are all trying to dry out after days and inches of rain but we are hoping to get some sunshine this week and 60’s this weekend. The farmers are trying to get their crops planted so this weather is setting them back but I heard Texas and some southern states were hit hard with some nasty storms so of course it makes our saturated ground look pretty miniscule compared to what others are dealing with. ​
It is hard to believe we have had Dozer for about 2- 1/2 years and it has been such a blessing and we are so glad we were somehow brought together.   I have a tendency to go with gut feelings and when I saw Jake’s (Dozer) profile and picture online something told me he was “the one”.  It was a long 3 weeks we endured until he was transported to Wisconsin and we could finally meet and adopt him.  It was worth the wait as he has brought so much joy to our lives and we are forever grateful that Mission Miracle saved him from what could have been a life of despair or death and blessed us with such a special companion that is so loving and sweet. It breaks my heart to think how things could have ended up for him.  As with many animals…..and people, we all have our quirks and although Dozer came to us being a little shy and cautious which I don’t feel is such a bad thing, he has made leaps and bounds with his confidence and his love and loyalty outshine the little bit of shyness that lingers.  He has made lots of friends at daycare and has play dates so he can get lots of play time but his most favorite thing to do is just hang out with “mama” and go for our daily walks and hikes together. Every day he makes me laugh by something he does or his mannerisms.
Attached are a few pics of our pride and joy.
Good Luck on all of your future adoption events and thank you for everything you have done for all creatures great and small and for taking such great care of Dozer until he officially became ours. “

Here’s our boy now enjoying the good life!


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