I always dread hearing about dogs that are dumped out of vehicles by their owners. I cannot understand how people can look at their beloved pet, their family member in the eyes, remove them from their vehicle, and drive away without looking back. However, it’s all too often that happens and the night that Matt found Tex, was no exception. Matt, our rescue’s founder, was driving to his home from a late evening adoption event when he spotted an adult golden retriever in about a half mile in front of him, frantically running up to each car as they passed by.  It was clear that this dog had been dumped. Matt got to him, opened his door and Tex jumped right in. And that was the beginning of his new life.
As any responsible rescuers would, we made the attempt to find the rightful owners in the event there was a misunderstanding. We had him scanned for a microchip, shared his photo on social media, and posted flyers around the area he was picked up. He was not chipped and nobody came looking for him.  After ample time to be reclaimed, he officially became a #MiracleMutt
We took Tex to adoption events regularly and even made him our spotlight dog at our anniversary party! He was hamming it up for the crowd and everybody loved him. But each time he came back home with us, with inquiries, but no solid adoption prospects. Clearly there were other plans for him that we were unaware of…
About a month later, we sent his photo to a friend and previous MMK9 adopter who also had a senior golden retriever at home. She immediately fell in love with his picture and asked when she could meet him; that she was interested in fostering him for us while we continued to look for a home for him.  She came to meet him at our adoption event at Pet Supplies Plus and it was pretty clear by the look on everyone’s faces that this dog wasn’t leaving her home. It wasn’t too long after, that Tex was officially adopted. He was home. He had two legged children to play with, new furry brothers and sisters, and the family’s plan was for Tex to live a relaxed life with them until the very end. He would never know the feeling of abandonment again.
During a routine post adoption follow up email, Tex’s mom told me that not only had he become part of the family, but that he had changed her son’s life.  Tex’s “boy” has ADHD and a severe anxiety disorder. He cannot take the medications necessary to treat because of the reactions he has to them.  They struggled  finding alternative options until they finally decided to try a service dog. They brought in a new dog for this task and after several months of training, the new dog had a fear related setback. Her son was responding so well to having a service animal and they decided to give Tex a try. And he moved into this new role as if it was made specifically for him.
“Tex had a second chance with us and now my son has never been better in school and daily life as he is now with Tex by his side. Yesterday, he was able to go on the “great white” rollercoaster at Sea World. Tex couldn’t go on with him but without Tex there before and after the ride, he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish that goal. He also took and passed his 1st STARR tests, and is passing all his classes and stays in his room (he used to run away from school and have to be restrained). That was until Tex. That homeless pup stepped up to a job that no human could do and it forever changed my son’s life and our family”.

This is rescue – this is one shining reason why we do what we do



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