Get Control Class

This class is offered approximately twice a month. If you have a puppy over 4 months, a rambunctious teenager or a new dog to your household who needs some quick manners, this is the class for you. You will learn 4 essential skills for helping your dog learn impulse control: Turn attention away from distractions, sit to greet people, leave items alone when asked, and wait at doorways. You can repeat this class as often as you need to ensure you and your dog master these skills

Camp Humane! Educating our youth, the next generation of animal lovers!

Saturday, Mission Miracle K9 Rescue got to spend our afternoon teaching the kids at PAWS "Camp Humane" about dog body language, how to safely interact with dogs and even some fun dog training stuff! This was great for so many reasons! We were able to reach the kids at this age! It makes a [...]

Boomer’s Happy Tail is the morning feel good you’re looking for…

I always dread hearing about dogs that are dumped out of vehicles by their owners. I cannot understand how people can look at their beloved pet, their family member in the eyes, remove them from their vehicle, and drive away without looking back. However, it’s all too often that happens and the night that [...]